Anvaya Ventures invests in Accel backed…… Capillary expands Series D funding to $140 Mn......Innovaccer raises $150Mn Series E at $3.2 Bn valuation........ Surgical Innovation Associates acquired by Integra........Capillary Buys Persuade, Brierley........THB raises $20 Mn.........Ecosoul raises $10 Million



The true potential of any assistive technology lies in the number of questions it can answer or the tasks it can perform for its users - satisfactorily, quickly and distraction free. In a world where everyone is talking about replacing humans with AI, we are contrarians who believe in...


BambooBox (B2) is an account-based engagement platform to drive improved qualification and velocity. We do this through a deep understanding of buying journey and by leveraging a multi-dimensional journey stage using the buyer journey determination model to drive stage appropriate engagement.


We made Buoy purposefully unsweetened and unflavored with just the essential minerals and nutrients needed to replenish, restore and refresh. We don't use ingredients linked to inflammation and disease like sugar, stevia, dextrose, natural flavors and artificial dyes and oils-even if they're organic.

Capillary Tech

Since 2008, Capillary has been at the forefront of the constant evolution in consumer experiences. At the time, according to the conversations Capillary co-founders Aneesh Reddy, Ajay Modani, and Krishna Mehra had with consumer brands, the biggest challenges they were facing was an inability to capture customer data, identify...


EarthSense is on a mission to heal our planet by creating a new class outdoor robots. Through advanced mechatronics, design, and cutting edge autonomy and machine-learning, our teams of robots are optimized to work in the dynamic and uncertain field environments.


At EcoSoul, we are a group of passionate people dedicated to making great products, leaving the Earth a better place for future generations, and having fun while doing it. While EcoSoul started in Boston, we've now expanded our operations across the globe, with our supply chain spanning across India,...


Our team is small and nimble with multi-disciplinary individuals from varying backgrounds. Everyday we put our thoughts, experiences and expertise to pursue our mission with intense passion and fierce urgency. With an eagerness to overcome challenges we enable you to break barriers in the use of biomedical data.

Hai Solutions

We BELIEVE in protecting every patient by building innovative medical devices which address the challenges and pitfalls associated with Intravenous Care and Vascular Access. We are advancing clinical care across the healthcare spectrum targeting Intravenous Contamination.


Healionics is a clinical-stage company addressing the critical need for safer, more reliable means of bloodstream access to perform dialysis in patients with kidney failure. Our STARgraft vascular graft (synthetic blood vessel) is designed to resist the problems of infection and occlusion suffered by current access devices and...

Image Provision

ImageProVision Technology is a leading Indian company in the physical testing space with an emphasis on Image Analytics. Our products and services cater to the pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotechnology, medical, chemical, and defence sectors.

Innovaccer Health

Innovaccer Health Cloud combines our integrated Data Activation Platform and application suite with an extensive set of platform services and tools that allow our customers and third-party developers to easily develop interoperable applications that leverage unified patient records to improve patient outcomes and lower costs.


Founded and headquartered in Singapore, Nektar is funded by all-star VCs across USA, India and South East Asia like Nexus Venture Partners, Insigina Venture Partners, VI Partners, Arka Labs & Better Capital.


Spyne is helping used-car dealerships and marketplaces create engaging VDPs with 360° views and images that sell better.

THB (Technology Healthcare Big data Analytics)

THB (stands for Technology | Healthcare | Big Data Analytics) is India’s leading clinical intelligence company. THB leverages real world evidence to empower the healthcare ecosystem with state-of-the-art clinical and business modules to improve patient outcomes. THB is on the mission to transform the healthcare industry from gut-based to...

Travel Triangle

Founded in 2011, TravelTriangle is India’s leading online holiday marketplace bringing both the travelers, and trusted & expert travel agents on a common platform. With the recent Series C funding of $12 Million from Nandan Nilekani and Sanjeev Aggarwal backed Fundamentum in early 2018, it is on its way...

Urban Ground

We have a diverse tenant base from over ~80 countries and we ease the entire process through Virtual Tours, On-line Bookings, considering Non-German financial history and Bi-lingual Rental contracts besides assisting in amenities such as Electricity, Internet, etc.


Veriskin is a medical device and technology company dedicated to facilitating and improving skin cancer screening accuracy. Non-specialist caregivers can be uncertain in their initial assessments, which leads to failure to detect cancer at an early, more treatable stage. That in turn can lead to increased costs from malpractice...

Past Investments


WEVO is a customer experience company that offers the fastest platform for pinpointing WHY visitors are not engaging. WEVO’s human augmented AI model allows marketers to optimize not only live websites but also concept designs, without the need for live traffic. Since WEVO generates statistically significant customer insights, it...

Fund Investments

Filter Capital

Filter Capital seeks to build partnerships with growth-stage technology and tech-enabled businesses in India. We target opportunities in sectors such as consumer technology, software, technology services, financial technology and B2B platforms, where companies are using technology to harness the special demographics spanning Indian consumers and businesses, while looking ahead...

Accel India

Since Accel’s founding 40 years ago, technology has transformed our world and paved the way for a bright future. Join us as we reflect on key moments of innovation since 1983.